All our chocolate is raw, organic, vegan and gluten free and contains no refined cane sugar.  We import raw, organic cacao butter and powder to create delicious and nutritious chocolates that you can indulge in guilt-free!  These chocolates are excellent for those with allergies or sensitivities to gluten, dairy, cane sugar, eggs and other animal products,etc. 


All chocolate is made from the cacao bean but most chocolate is made from highly processed cacao beans that lose their nutritional value when they are subjected to roasting at high heat and result in "cocoa" powder.  

Raw cacao is made by cold-pressing unroasted beans.  This process keeps the living enzymes in the cacao and removes the natural fat, or cacao butter. We use only raw cacao in our chocolates, which means they are loaded with all the natural nutrition of the cacao bean.

Raw chocolate is a chemically complex "superfood" with many health benefits when eaten without refined sugar, processed fats, dairy products, preservatives and other artificial ingredients.   

Raw cacao contains more magnesium and chromium than ANY other food.  Magnesium contributes to muscle and bone strength, a healthy heart and nerve health.  80% of North Americans are suspected to be deficient in Magnesium. Chromium helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in the body.

Raw cacao contains the highest known concentration of antioxidants.  By weight, raw cacao beans have more antioxidants than red wine, goji berries, blueberries, acai and pomegranate combined.  Antioxidants help fight disease and dissolve plaque build-up in the arteries.

Contrary to popular belief, cacao does not contain caffeine but does contain theobromine, which has a similar stimulating effect.  Many chocolates have added caffeine, along with other fats, refined sugars, preservatives, etc. 

Raw cacao also contains:

Seratonin - a neurotransmitter that helps regulate sleep, appetite, mood, bone metabolism, heart function and behaviour.  It is known as the "happiness booster" because it reduces stress and contributes to feelings of well-being.

Dopamine - a neurotransmitter that boosts motivation and pleasure.

Coumain - an appetite suppressant with anti-tumour properties.

Theobromine - an alkaloid that dilates blood vessels, which naturally lowers blood pressure, taking strain off the heart.  Theobromine kills bacteria that causes tooth decay and causes the energized feeling you get from chocolate.  

Phenethylamine (PEA) - an adrenal-related chemical produced in the body when we experience love. This is likely one of the reasons that chocolate and love have such a deep connection.  Because it is heat sensitive, most of the PEA in conventional cooked and processed chocolate is absent. 

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